What is social media marketing?

Social media marketing, or SMM, is one of the components of digital marketing. It involves creating and sharing content, images, and videos on social networking sites to promote and market the brand.

It helps to drives engagement ratio, and engage owners and customers together on a single platform.

The platforms of marketing involved in social media marketing are

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. Instagram
  4. YouTube
  5. Pin interest
  6. Snap chat

 How can social media marketing boost sales?

Social media marketing can help in achieving many goals and increase sale rapidly


  • Generating website traffic
  • Increasing engagement ratio
  • Improving communication and trust among customers
  • Converting visitors into potential customers
  • Creating brand awareness and identification

The more engaged your customers are on social media sites, the more productive will be your business.


Now, I am going to share eight secret tips for social media marketing.

Tip#1: Do keyword research:

Keywords are those words which help content to get ranked on the search engine.

Get proper search on keywords like long-tail keywords, semantic keywords, and secondary keywords with the Google of tools like GOOGLE ADWORD, UBERSUGGEST.

These keyword research help to bring traffic, and the content will attract the audience.

Tip#2: Competitive research:

Competitive research is vital at every step of business weather. It is a newly started set up or an established one. We should be aware of the keywords and strategies applying by the competitive.

By proper research, we will able to find out the weakness and strength of the competition.

Tip#3: Post valuable content:

Post content that is informative, relevant, and interesting to help the customers.  Make sure that you post regularly, and your content should include images, texts, videos, and info graphics.

Tip#4: Build the brand image:

Social media platforms are supportive and worthwhile to build brand identity and representation across different locality and regions. Each platform of social media have their environment and voice, can help brands to get recognition.

Tip#5: Post video content:

In the past three years, video views have increased by over 99% on YouTube and 258% on Facebook

Face book and other social media channels are giving higher priority to the content shared with video.  The brand sharing their content with video are exposure more.

Tip#6: Engage with the right audience:

Besides posting high-quality content and market research, make sure to have an eye view of every social media channel you are using. Reply to every message and comment, listen to customer’s complaints on each platform.

Tip#7: Use hashtags:

Stay on the top ranking by sharing your views on current news and trending topics.

Focus on your hashtags by participating in recent talks can add value to your brand.

Tip#8: Use Facebook ads:

Paid advertisement is always reliable on Facebook, so for higher visibility, use Facebook ads. Facebook ads target people who can be interested in your brand.

Summary of the article:

Social media trends are changing more. To keep growing, keep updating with new strategies and market research. Craft social media marketing with these valuable tips and tricks.

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