Better Health and Wellness- 7 Ways to Improve Health Fast

Optimal and better health has been the paramount desire of everybody. Health they say is wealth, so it is absolutely normal if people constantly search for ways to improve their health fast

better health


It has been pointed out by research that people often provide solutions to their health issues themselves averagely 80% of the time.

A recent survey that buttress this point gathered certain individuals together and it was found out that an average person has about 117 health problems per year.  But the average individual actually goes to a doctor only two to three times a year. The percentage of preventive care that is self-provided probably runs close to 99%.

These figures make it clear that self-care is and has always been our predominant form of better health care.

Apart from these, a whole lot of people run to doctors only when they feel they lack the resources and wherewithal to deal with the problems themselves. This might not have happened if they have proper access to the currently available health tools, information, skills and support.

As a matter of fact, information, health tools and support goes along way to improve our health. For instance many people often go to the doctor to get their blood pressure checked but this can be easily done at home now since we have various electronic tools for that

Some of the most promising opportunities for improving our health care system involve finding ways to make health tools, information, skills, and support available through lay channels.

Being healthy and staying healthy often seems incredibly complicated with advertisements everywhere and various experts giving conflicting advice. However staying healthy does not in any way need to be complicated. People lived much healthier in the past, before all the dieting and “health products” took hold of our society.

The rules haven’t changed since then and our genetics are still the same and what worked for us back in the day can also work for us now.

To gain optimal health, lose weight and feel better every day, then all you need to do is follow these 7 simple rules for better health.





1. Avoid toxic materials and unhealthy foods

There are so many things in the environment that are actually very toxic to our bodies such as cigarettes, hard drugs, alcohol, heavy chemicals etc.

Because of the addictive nature of a whole lot of these things such as abusive drugs, cigarettes and alcohol, many people often find it hard in avoiding them.

If you’ve got a problem with these things mentioned above,  then diet and exercise are the least of your worries what is much more common today is eating unhealthy, disease-promoting foods.

If you want to gain optimal health, then you need to minimize your consumption of these foods. Probably the single, most effective change you can make to improve your diet is to cut back on processed, packaged foods.

This can be tough, because many of these foods have been altered by so-called food engineers to make them as addictive as possible. This includes sucrose and high fructose corn syrup.

If you desire leading a better health, Then it is a good idea to avoid all fats that require chemicals and factories to product this includes man-made trans-fats, as well as refined seed and vegetable oils like soy bean, corn and sunflower oils.


2. Cardio and Resistance Exercise are Healthy

It is extremely important to use your muscles for optimal health. It’s not just so that you can get a six-pack and a bulging vein on your biceps.

Lifting weights and exercising goes way beyond just looking good. It’s true that if you exercise, it is pretty much guaranteed that you will improve your appearance and attractiveness to the opposite sex. But these benefits are just the tip of the iceberg, exercise is also crucial for your body, brain and hormones to function optimally.

Lifting weights lowers your blood sugar and insulin levels, improves cholesterol and lowers triglycerides. It also raises your levels of testosterone and growth hormone, both associated with improved health and wellness.

Then lifting weights (and other forms of exercise) can help reduce depression and your risk of all sorts of chronic diseases, including obesity, type II diabetes, cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s and many more.

Exercise can also help you lose fat, especially if it’s combined with a healthy diet. Not just because it burns calories, but because it improves your hormonal status and overall function of your body. Fortunately, there are many ways to exercise. It doesn’t have to be in a gym.

You can do all of this stuff for free in the comfort of your own home if you look on Google or YouTube for “bodyweight workouts” or something similar. It’s also important to go outside and move around, especially if you can get some sun while you’re at it (for a natural source of Vitamin D).

Walking is a good choice and a highly underrated form of exercise. The key is to choose something that you enjoy and can stick to in the long run. Exercise doesn’t just make you look better; it also improves your health and  your hormonal status, makes you feel better and reduces your risk of all sorts of diseases.

On a side note for the ladies I know the lifting weight might not agree with you but you could do well to lift a bucket of water sometimes or an heavy bag without waiting for a gentleman to help you out. It goes a long way in ensuring your better health

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