Natural Home Remedies for Bleeding Gums

In medical terminology we call bleeding gums as gingivitis. It is the beginning of gums diseases at this point it is easy to control. Bleeding gums if not taken seriously and looked after it might get shoddier and develop in to a problematic stage of gum diseases. Bleeding gum is a common phenomenon and many people are target of gum bleeding. It is very important to take it seriously at an initial stage and get treated by consulting a dentist. Doctor would suggest the best for your problem.

Natural Home Remedies to Get Rid of Bleeding Gums

We are able to solve the problem of gum bleeding through effective home remedies. It is very essential to take them intelligently. Following are the few home remedies for bleeding gum.

Vitamin C Loaded Citrus Fruits

Vitamin C plays very vital role in helping gums from stop bleeding. Lack of vitamin C can cause gingivitis. Consuming fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C helps in reducing gum bleeding. Take plenty of oranges, lemon, broccoli and cabbage they are rich in vitamin C. Make them a part of your daily routine to help reducing gum bleeding. Another option is taking supplements containing vitamin C.

citrus fruit a home remedy for bleeding gums

Milk a Rich Source of Calcium to Cure Bleeding Gums

Richness of calcium in milk helps fight gum bleeding. If milk does not suit you don’t try this remedy. Lactose in milk reduces gum bleeding. It is very important to keep in mind milk is loaded with fat. Fat in milk tends to stick to your gums which are not healthy for gums, therefore always brush your teeth after drinking milk. Dentist says try not drinking milk one hour before bed. Therefore milk is a very effective against gum bleeding.

Milk for treating Bleeding gums

Granny says Clove Oil Cure Bleeding Gums

Clove oil has proven to be most effective and beneficial cure against gum bleeding. Not only does it fight gingivitis also other gum diseases. Take clove oil and rub it against your gums you can also eat oil gloves to get effective result from bleeding gum. Using cloves may cause inflammation and burning but don’t stop using it this will cure your gum bleeding problem.

Clove Oil Cure Bleeding Gums

Gargling with Salt 

Gargling helps in fighting different diseases and it is easy and readily home remedy. Take Luke warm water add salt to it and gargle several time a day. This will help in reducing gum bleeding. Be care in not using to hot water as it might cause scalding.

Gargling with Salt for treating bleeding gums

Gargle with Triphala Helps alot

Triphala is another cure for gum bleeding. Mix it with water and gargle thrice a day to get an effective outcome.

Using Baking Soda or Sodium Bi Carbonate

Another very easy home remedy for curing bleeding gums is by using baking soda against your bleeding gums. Douse your tooth brush in baking soda and brush it against your gums like one does with toothpaste. Or you can make mixture of baking soda with water and whoosh it around your gums twice or thrice a day.

Baking Soda or Sodium Bi Carbonate  for treating bleeding gums

Saline Solution Works Great on Bleeding Gums

Swelling in your gums because of bleeding gums can cure by using saline solution. Risen your gums with saline in morning and at night will help reduce or decrease or stop gums from bleeding and burning effectively.

Saline Solution a home remedy for bleeding gums

Rich Vitamins Source Raw Vegetables

Vegetables have always been a great source for health improvement. Especially fresh vegetable are rich in vitamins and contain less fat and calories. Eat raw vegetables helps generate blood circulation and thus leads to reducing bleeding of gums.

Raw Vegetables  for bleeding gums

Yum Yum!!! Cranberry Juice

Fresh cranberry juice consists of anti-bacterial properties which can fight against gum problems. Keep in mind cranberry juice sold in markets consists of artificial flavor and is diluted. It contains sugar. It is encouraged to make fresh homemade cranberry juice.

Cranberry Juice a home remedy for bleeding gums

Sage Oil and Peppermint Oil for Treating Bleeding Gums

Many of our mouth products contain saga oil and peppermint oil and chamomile tincture. Mouth wash and, toothpaste and other dental products containing these are effective for teeth and gum problems.

Sage Oil and Peppermint Oil a natural remedy for bleeding gums

Anti- Bacterial Tea Tree Oil

Anti- bacterial properties of tea tree oil finish of bacteria in mouth. Pour two to three drops of tea tree oil in Luke warm water and whoosh it around your mouth after tooth brush. You also put a drop or two on your tooth brush and brush to get a beneficial result.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil a Natural Remedy for Bleeding Gums

Due to its acidic nature extra virgin oil is anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant. For your bleeding gums are burning and swelled up EVOO is the best cure. Taking table spoon of EVOO and swish it around your mouth for few seconds and spiting it out will get rid of toxins in your gums. Repeat this thrice a day.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil for treating bleeding gums


Incredible Black Seed Oil 

Miracles do happen and black seed oil is a miracle worker treating different diseases. Because of it anti-microbial nature it kills bacteria of your mouth. After brushing your teeth message your gums with black seed oil. One can even swish it around there mouth and then spit to get a good result from bleeding gums.

Black Seed Oil   a home remedy for bleeding gums

Nature’s Blessing Honey

Honey is gift of nature although it is sweet and sticky at the same time it full of unique properties such as it is anti-bacterial, enlarged with minerals and vitamins. Honey is rich in nutrients to help maintain healthy gums. Take pure honey or manuka honey and rub it against your gums twice a day.

Honey  a home remedy for bleeding gums

Alum is Really Beneficial for Bleeding Gums

Bleeding gum causes irritation and redness to the gums. Alum has proven too beneficial against redness. Dilute some alum with warm water and swish with the mixture. Carry out gargling twice or thrice a day with alum mixture.

Yes!!! The Cayenne Powder Antidote Bleeding Gums

Cayenne powder is anti-bacterial and helps cure bleeding gums. It fights against harmful bacteria. Shower some Cayenne powder on your tooth paste brush and brush. It might be stinging against your gums in the beginning.

Cayenne Powder  for treating Bleeding gums

Magical Oil Blend Solution As Home Remedy for Bleeding Gums

Oils help heal bleeding gums. Create a mixture by taking extra virgin oil half cup ,add  5 drops of black seed oil, 5 drops of myrrh oil, 3 drops of lemon oil and 3 drops of peppermint. Use this mixture by messaging your gums after brushing teeth.

Garlic and Honey Paste

Both garlic and honey prove beneficial against bleeding gum. Garlic contains anti-biotic properties. When mixed with honey it creates an excellent tonic for bleeding gums. Rub garlic honey paste against your gums. It might sting in order to reduce burring effect of paste just add half of garlic clove to table spoon of honey and then use it.

Garlic and Honey a home remedy to cure bleeding gums


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