Home Remedies to Cure Dengue Fever Fast

Although Dengue fever is very dangerous disease but you can cure it with combination of home remedies and other procedures.When we hear about virus that spread at a large scale affecting the lives of millions of people dengue is worst among them. Although the death rate is not very high yet at the same time around 50 million to 500 million people are effected by dengue virus. Dengue is spread through female mosquitoes. Dengue was not very common virus but in recent years it has been found to be in more than 100 countries. Dengue is caused by many different mosquitos and the same time dengue has five verities. If one is able to fight first type of dengue stage one tends to develop a lifelong immunity against it. Keeping in mind if u are diagnosed with second stage it may lead to more complications. Sings of dengue fever is medically known as break bone fever.

Home Remedies to Cure Dengue Fever Fast

Symptoms of Dengue

Symptoms for Dengue fever

  • high fever

  • body aches

  • headache

  • muscle pain

  • Skin rash.

Home Remedies To Cure Dengue Fever

The best way to treat any illness is by taking preventive measures. Prevention is better than cure.  In case of dengue getting way from mosquitoes seem next to impossible. Therefore it is better to take some prevention to avoid mosquitoes to a maximum level.

A Blood Purifying Agent Neem Leaves

One of the great purifying again is Neem leaves and Neem oil for dengue. One should apply them in damp warm cloth in dosage. Twice or thrice a day. Requirement of its usage differs both in men and women. Female who have conceived should avoid or consult a doctor before using.

Hydrate Yourself with Water

Drinking water helps you reduce body temperature. It also help restore fluids loss of body. Drink as much water as can. Fluid intake should increase considerably.

Don’t Eat Starchy and Fatty Food

Do not eat too much solid food till the fever is gone. Again it is suggested take fluids to help maintain the body temperature. Increase your water and juices intake.

Coriander a Perfect Natural Remedy

Coriander leaves can consume as form of refresher to reduce fever in dengue. Leaves can be added in lemonade for better taste.

The Cool Kakamachi Syrup

Negative toxins that formulate during dengue can be cured by drinking a syrup kakamachi. It gives a cooling effect to the body. These dengue attack come from digestive system.it is suggested it should take twice a day to get a positive result.

Nothing can Substitute the Power of Fruits

Fruits containing vitamin C are recommended as it helps to create better concentration of iron. Fruits rich in vitamin C include amla, guava, oranges and many more.

Immune System Booster Chyavanprash

To increase your blood count and to boost your immune system chyavanprash needs to be taken. It also purifies the blood and helps you in getting rid of dengue fever.

Hogweed is a Great Hydrator

To bring down fever hogweed must be used. Hogweed generates wetness which helps in removing the toxins from the body and maintains body temperature.

Dengue is cured by Hermal seeds

Irregular fever in dengue can be cure with help of hermal seeds. They are available in powdered form and are consumed in mixture form with water or juice.

Tulsi a Herbal Treatment of Dengue

Leaves of tulsi biologically known as basil leaves help reduce the chances of having or catching dengue fever. It can be taken in warm tea.  Bitterness of tulsi and its strong smell help toughen body internal system against fever.

Basil Leaves makes it Easy to Get Rid of Dengue

To toughen your body mechanism against dengue fever 10 to 15 basil leaves should be chewed or boiled in water when the mixture remains to consume it twice or thrice a day. It will help reduce chances of dengue fever.

Platelet can be Increased with Papaya Juice

One of natural and famous cure for dengue fever exists in papaya juice. The juice of Papaya leaf is best cure for the platelet insufficiency. Drink Papaya juice twice or thrice day during fever along with other liquids.

Root of cassia tree

A tonic that comes from root of Cassia tree is use to lower down Dengue Fever.

Herbal Medcine Chirayata

Chirayata is gift of nature it has superb medicinal elements which help reduce dengue fever. It helps to reduce the shaking and shivering caused by Dengue Fever.

Dhatura to Avoid Seriousness in Dengue Fever

Dhatura is the Ayurvedic version of the belladonna. Seriousness in dengue fever have a negative impact on your health. Therefore, Dhatura leaves have ability to lessen the seriousness of dengue fever. It should be strictly observed the dosage should not exceed to deci-grams, because if consumed more it will have negative impact.

Indian mallow

Mixture of Indian mallow is an efficient treatment for bringing down dengue fever.

The Best Fighting agent against Dengue Fenugreek leaves

Herbal remedies have helped fight of various illness. Fenugreek leaves are taken in form of herbal tea which give a comforting effect to the body and help maintain fever during dengue.

Ayurvedic Bloodwort

Bloodwort has been in use from ancient times this remedy helps in almost all types of fever in Ayurvedic medicine. It is mainly used in hot tea or in a hot mixture the heat bring out the sweat which result in bringing out toxins from the body and maintain the fever.

Devil’s Tree

It is a form of herb biologically called as devil’s tree it is unique remedy which help treat fever from reoccurring again and again like it happens in dengue. The herb is comparable in function to cinchona and quinine.

 Blood Count is increased by Pomegranate

In order to increase your blood count during dengue fever pomegranate juice should consumed. Along with other juices like grape juice which also help in maintaining your blood count.

The Best Healer is Orange juice

Another natural and best remedy for dengue fever is orange juice. Orange juice makes your digestion better, increases urinary output, increases bodies antibodies makes healing faster and easy.

Precaution and cure against Dengue

I hope this article will help you in curing Dengue fever. Try not to make puddles during summer seasons. Eliminate stagnant water points. Dirty or standing water is the place where mosquitoes reproduce. If you living in an open area where there is greenery and tropical region use mosquito repellent.  At night time try wearing full sleeves and keep your body fully covered with cloths. Avoid going outside in open when mosquitoes are at peak. Try using nets over your bed to avoid being bitten by mosquitoes. Stay Safe!!!


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