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Do you want a fair and glowing skin without using any harmful products that damage your skin??Then, try these home remedies for fair and glowing skin. Use these wonderful home remedies and get healthy, fair and flawless complexion that is everyone’s dream.  It is always good to pamper your skin with some natural and harmless ingredients. Definitely, you can’t lower the amount of melanin naturally present in your skin but a radiant fair skin is what everyone wants. You can get rid of the sun tanning, pigmentation, marks and uneven tone. By using these wonderful home remedies for fair and glowing skin, your skin will look younger and healthier like never before.

Home Remedies for Fair and Glowing Skin

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Causes of Unhealthy Skin

Natural glowing skin is the mark of a healthy person. We all try our best to attain this healthy glow but due to our busy schedules, we sometimes tend to ignore this.

Unhealthy Eating Pattern

Your skin is the reflection of your inner body.Doctors suggest that to keep your skin healthy and glowing, you must limit foods that dehydrate skin such as alcohol and high sodium foods (especially canned and frozen meals), foods that contain trans-fats, fried foods and high-glycemic foods such as pasta, white bread and sugary items. Leslie Baumann, a Miami dermatologist and author of The Skin Type Solution, said. “When striving to achieve radiant skin, eating healthy foods can make all the difference”.

home remedies for glowing skin

Sun is Skin’s Enemy

Over exposure to sun cause many skin problems such as pigmentation, tanning, sun burn, wrinkles UVA and UVB rays from sun cause long lasting and visible skin problem.

home remedies for fair and glowing skin

Thirsty Skin

Water is the best hydrator for skin. Using less water causes skin dryness and lacking of moisturizer.

Increase Stress Level Takes Away your Skin Glow

Stress can have noticeable effects on skin. Stress escalates oil production, resulting in skin breakouts such as acne.

Liquor Consumption and Smoking is Injurious to Skin 🙁

Too much consumption of alcohol causes early aging, redness as well as dryness. Whereas smoking gifts you a grey tone, deep lines and wrinkles.

Using wrong Skin Products

You should be very thrifty while choosing a skin care product. Don’t just pick the trendiest of all products. Read through the label and ingredients and then start using it. There are many ready-made fairness creams that can lighten your complexion instantly.

home remedies for fair skin

Just Let Your Skin Breathe

Everyone needs a beauty sleep so did you for healthy glowing skin. Wash your face then apply any night cream before you go to bed. Your healthy life pattern is reflected on your skin. Flaunting a fair and flawless complexion is everyone’s fantasy

Using Expired Cosmetics and Dirty Brushes

Whenever you buy a product see its expiry date. Don’t use dirty brushes and don’t share your make-up brushes because it causes skin diseases from one infected person to another.

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