15+ Home Remedies to Relief Kidney Pain Naturally

You can always get relief from kidney pain by using natural home remedies and other procedures.Kidney is a vital organ in our body which helps in removing waste from our body. It is responsible in for many functions of our body. Kidney can get infected because of many reasons. Kidney pain is more popular among women. If you are feeling pain in your lower back might be because your kidney is infected. Some of the symptoms of kidney pain are server pain in between ribs and in your bottoms this might be kidney pain.

kidney pain

Symptoms of Kidney Pain

  • Pain while passing urine
  • Fever
  • Chills
  • Blood in your urine
  • Pain in lower back or lower abdomen
  • Fatigue
  • Loss of appetite
  • Foul smell in urine or cloudy urine
  • Bedwetting (for children), etc.

Causes of Kidney Pain

  • Bleeding inside the kidneys
  • Tumor in the kidneys
  • UTI
  • Stones inside the kidneys
  • Enlarged prostate
  • Blood coagulation in the veins
  • Horseshoe kidney
  • Blocked or hindered flow of urine, etc.

Home Remedies to Relief Kidney Pain Naturally

Vitamin C Loaded Lemon Juice to treat kidney pain

The acetic and citric nature of lemon helps in softening the kidney stone.  It purifies the kidney by dissolving the stone and removing the toxins which are causing problem and pain in kidney. Take a lemon and squeeze out its juice in one glass of water and drink it must drink this mixture twice or thrice a day. Another remedy of lemon is by mixing four table spoons of lemon to four table spoon of olive oil and drinking it.  Follow this remedy if you have the capability to digest this amount of oil.

 Unique Properties Parsley Tea to Relief Kidney Pain

Parsley has unique properties which help in increasing the urine output. The more the urines more harmful toxins will flush out of the body. Parsley helps in reducing the pain both internally and externally. It is anti-viral in nature which helps in killing the bacteria causing the infection. Prepare the mixture by taking a bunch of parsley leaves and chopping them well till they remain to a minimum of four tea spoon take four glass of water and boil it on low heat when water comes to boil remove it from heat and add parsley leaves to it and cover the mixture for about 20 minutes then strain the tea and drink it to get relief do this twice or thrice a day. Avoid taking this if you’re pregnant.

Watermelon Seed Tea to Relief Kidney Pain

Watermelon seeds are diuretic in nature that helps in flushing down the toxins from the kidney and bladder. Seeds also increase the stimulation of kidneys. Method to prepare watermelon seed tea is by mashing one table spoon of watermelon seeds and adding two cups of boiling water to them. When the mixture cools down strain it and drink it. Consume the tea once a day three times a week.

 Cure Kidney Pain with Corn Silk Tea

Corn silk helps in getting relief from pain while passing urine. It is very quick in healing the pain. Corn silk is also diuretic and helps in preventing the bacteria from growing causing pain and infection. Take one table spoon of corn silk and two cups of water. Boil the water and add silk corn to it let it dissolve for five minutes or so then strain the tea and drink two to four cups of during the day to help wash down the stone.

Quick Home Remedy for Kidney Pain Celery Seeds Tea

Celery has many different and useful properties which help heal kidney pain. Celery helps in terminating kidney stone and removes the waste from the kidney.  It tends to increase the urine output this would further heal the kidneys. Celery is in rich in volatile oil that contains anti- fungal and antibacterial properties which finishes of virus and bacteria causing the infection. Prepare a mixture of celery tea by taking 1 table spoon of celery seeds and finely blending them and one cup of boiling water. Pour the water over the grounded seeds and let the solution cool down stir occasionally. Drink the tea once a day thrice a week. If you have conceived don’t take celery tea as it simulative in nature.

Dandelion Tea to cure Kidney Pain Fast

Herb is wonderful at curing diseases and dandelion is a famous for curing kidney problems. Due to its diuretic nature it increases urine output. Dandelion tea fastens the blood circulation in body and helps kidneys to function properly. Take 2 to 3 dried dandelion leaves pour one cup of boiling water over them let the dip in the water for 15 minutes or so before straining the tea drink the dandelion tea twice or thrice a day. This will help in reducing the kidney pain.

Therapeutic Herb Marshmallow Root

Marshmallow root is a therapeutic herb which gives relief from kidney pain.  It also helps to wash down the stone in kidney. In it various properties some are it is diuretic in nature gives relief from pain, finishes of burning and irritation feeling in the kidney. It also proved beneficial for the tissues of the body. To prepare this home remedy take four table spoons of marshmallow root and soak them in one liter water leave the mixture over night in refrigerator strain the tea and drink it the next morning  add honey to the tea to make it tastier. Another quick way is by taking one table spoon of marshmallow root and grounding it put the roots in a pan and pour one cup of hot water. Let the roots saturate in water for 15 minutes before straining it. Take 2 to 4 cups of tea to get a relief from pain and helps wash down the kidney stone.

Another Herbal Remedy for Kidney Pain Plantain

Plantain herb helps heal the kidney. Also helps in finishing kidney disorders worms, bacteria causing the pain in kidney. Plantain is anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory in nature therefore it helps to stop the infection from increasing. It gives relief from irritation itching, and pain. Like all other herbs plantain also diuretic and laxative helps to lessen the bladder issues. Take one table spoon of plantain root or leaves. Put them in pot and pour one cup of hot water over them let the drench in water for 10 minutes or so then strain the solution. Drink the tea three to four times a day.

Cabbage Leaves Poultice

Cabbage leaves have the ability to heal kidney pain. Cabbage leaves help to cure bladder problems. Take four to five leaves handful of bran and two chopped onions put all the material in pot and pour one cup of water let them boil for some time when the water dries out take the mixture and put over gauze and place it over your kidney for 2 to 3 hours if possible leave it over night to get relief from pain.

Remedy to Cure Kidney Pain Basil

Basil helps to strength kidney. It is diuretic and detoxifier in nature therefore it helps in removing the stones. Its ability to reduce pain in kidney helps to increase uric acid level in blood. Take basil juice and honey in equal content and drink the juice.  Regular intake of basil juice and honey for four months will help to cure the kidney pain.

Kidney Irritation and Inflammation is Relieved by Mustard Plaster

Kidney irritation and inflammation can be healed with mustard seed. Make a paste of mustard seed by grinding the mustard seed adding water to it mix it will to form a paste. Direct contact of mustard can cause irritation and or burning feeling to avoid that place a cloth over your skin before applying the paste. You can also use egg white or add more content of some other flour. You can also apply Vaseline over your skin and then apply the paste to avoid blisters and burning. This will give relief from pain and irritation.

Quick Relief Kidney Pain with Tomatoes

Tomatoes juice give a quick relief kidney pain and washes down the kidney stone. Also cures other infections in kidneys. Make juice out of 4 or 5 tomatoes and drink the juice before eating any solid food take a glass of water afterwards to wash down the infection. It helps to loosen the stone.

Hydrate Your Kidney Water

Impurities present in your kidney can be cleared up by drinking a lot of water. Water helps to wash down the kidney stone. It prevents from salt from gathering and forming kidney stones. Drink water as it is the best therapy in curing kidney pain.


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