Home Remedies to Treat HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) Naturally

Although there is no treatment for HPV  but you can try several home remedies in this article to cure health problems caused by it.HPV is known as Human papilloma virus. It is an infection caused by an organism. This infection is caused mostly by physical contact; it may get transferred from skin to skin touch. In case if women who have conceived catch HPV or have HPV have a rare chance that it gets transferred to the baby. In case it gets transfer it is developing (JORRP) known as juvenile onset recurrent respiratory papillomatosis.

Home Remedies to Cure HPV Virus Naturally

The bad part of this disease is that even the infected people are not aware of its symptoms. HPV is sings are development of warts on genital regions, cervix, mouth, throat and other sensitive parts. There is no medical treatment for HPV only some natural home remedies are helpful.

The Oregano Oil for Treating HPV

Mint family consists of unique ingredients and oregano oil is one of them. Apply oregano oil to your warts it will reduce the warts considerably. Not only will it decrease its number will also give relief. Keep in mind oregano oil may sting so try mixing it with water before applying.

Oregano Oil a home remedy for HPV

Try this Herbal Remedy “Echinacea” 

Must have heard of purple coneflower is known as Echinacea tends to cure HVP naturally. The cure lies in herb which can be used in form of tea. It also acts as tincture for warts which has proven to be beneficial. Its posse’s unique properties which tend to improve white cells in the body and finish of virus.

Echinacea for treating HPV

Calendula is also Famous for Treating HPV

Calendula is another natural remedy for curing warts caused by HPV lies in Calendula. Calendula can consumed raw. In lay man language it is known as marigold flower. Calendula is its biological term.

Calendula a home remedy for HPV

Goldenseal Helps Curing HPV

A natural mixture of Goldenseal and Echinacea cure HPV virus and help in finishing warts. It has effective properties which help activate the immune system tending to increase white blood cells. Rhizome twisted stem gets generated from Goldenseal is also natural cure for HPV it contains berberine has substance to terminate the strains of microorganisms.

Curcurmin is an Anti-Oxidant

Purifying turmeric gives you Curcurmin which is an anti-oxidant which proves to be efficient in curing against HPV virus and secure the DNA cell of our body. It also helps in curing cervical cancer.

Curcurmin for treating HPV naturally

Mushroom cures HPV

There are so many types of mushrooms such as Reishi and Shitake possess the natural cure for HPV. They are rich in anti-viral activities which prove to be effective in killing HPV virus and tend to give relief from genital warts.

Mushroom for curing HPV

It’s True Pau d’Arco

By extracting liquid from Pau d’ Arco and using it helps condense or fight against the hpv virus. Another use is by applying the extract to the warts infected part shrink or finishes the warts completely.

Pau d’Arco a home remedy for HPV

A Natural Anti-Viral Thuja

Thuja leaf itself and its oil extract have anti-viral natural remedy in curing against genital warts which are formed because of HPV. It tends to aggravate the cells in the immune system that have to be finished off and searches the poisoned cells.

Thuja for treating HPV naturally

Immune Stimulator Astragalus Helps in Treating HPV

Astragalus is an immune stimulator and an anti- viral agent for fighting HPV virus. It begins the p-53 gene that results in sighting the production of interleukin-2. The material kills the HPV virus and builds immunity against cancer.

Astragalus a herbal remedy for HPV

Tea Tree Oil Cure HPV

The natural ingredients of tree oil tend cure HPV it contains anti-viral and microbial ability which reduce warts by a great number. It is a domestic and contemporary sterilizer that increases the immunity level in the body.

Garlic for treating HPV

Anti-microbial Garlic to Treat HPV

Allicin in garlic has effective anti-microbial properties. Allicin has the power to finish off pathogen. Garlic can be used directly on to genital warts gives you considerable relief.

Home remedies are of great use and help cure diseases without the side effects of medicine. But at the same time it is very important to keep in mind they can seriously go wrong if you don’t research or consult a professional a health care consultant.

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