How To Get Rid Of Bruises Fast Using Natural Home Remedies

In Life, we experience bruises due to different things. In medical term we call bruises “Contusion”. Apparently bruise looks like black, purplish or a blue mark on the body part which has sustained injury. Bruise might be caused by an accident or a minor banging on table side or other objects. This black or blue mark occurs because of the damage or crushing the blood vessels, leaking of blood under the skin surface. The effect of bruises also varies from skin to skin some people have highly sensitive skin therefore there bruise might be more prominent. It takes around twelve days to two weeks for the mark to go away. One can try to get rid of bruises early by applying some natural home remedies which have no side effects on your body.

Top Effective Home Remedies for Bruises

Causes of Bruises

  • Injury

  • While exercising

  • Banging or bumping against something

  • Fragile skin

Symptoms due to Bruise

  • Mark on the skin (blue, purple, green or black)

  • Pain and swelling on the affected area

  • Home Remedies for Bruises


Natural Home Remedies To Get Rid of Bruises 

Let Handle it the Cool Way & Use Ice

By instantly applying ice pack or ice to your injury or bruises make the wound numb.  It brings you a quick relief from pain for few minutes. Till you get some medical aid.

Ice a home Remedy for bruises

The Magical Comfrey Leaves

Make a paste out of fresh comfrey leaves and apply it on your blackish bruise. After a few minutes or so apply the paste again and let it dry. When wound dries out clean it up with warm water.

Comfrey Leaves a home remedy for bruises

Yes!!! Parsley Works

We all have parsley leaves at home to make our food tastier. It is interesting to know that by crushing parsley and applying it to your bruised area can heal it quickly. It also makes it go away faster.

Parsley for treating bruises at home

Witch Hazel

Comforting bath using witch hazel accelerates blood circulation and heals wound.

Witch Hazel a home remedy for treating bruises

Granny says “Cabbage”

Fruit and vegetable have helped in healing various human diseases. Here is another way they have been useful.  Cabbage leaves help in lessening in swelling of bruises. Apply macerated leaves of cabbage to make speedy recovery from the injury.

Cabbage a home remedy for treating bruises

Bilberry Extracts

Extracts from bilberries can help in making the mark disappear early. Also improves your level of vitamin C.

Bilberry Extracts for treating bruises at home

Cayenne Pepper & Vaseline is a Great Combination

By taking one part of cayenne pepper and mixing it in five parts of Vaseline properly. Now apply the mixture to the affected area where the wound exists can help heal injury. Keeping in mind that mixture is cold.

Cayenne Pepper & Vaseline works great for bruise

What I Suggest is Lavender Oil

Lavender oil also helps in healing wounds and bruises. Method to use is by putting few drop of oil in cold water and applying it to bruise with the help of cotton or clean cloth will help in making the swelling go away. And the cold water will give a soothing effect from pain.

Lavender Oil for treating bruises

Tea Bags

Take a bundle of tea bags and soak them in warm water for a while. Then apply them to the bruise it will give a relief from pain.

Tea Bags a home remedy for treating bruise

The Gooey Aloe Vera

Squeeze the gel from aloe Vera leaves and apply it the injury. The gel will help in get rid of pain and swelling.

Aloe Vera for treating bruise

Egg Rolling

We all have eggs at home. Here is another use of egg other than making your hunger go away. Boil the egg for six to seven minutes remove it from flame. Now take the peel off the egg and rub it against the bruise. Rubbing will help heal the wound and swelling.

Egg Rolling home remedy for bruise

Warm Water will relieve you A lot

Doctors and physicians always suggest washing the bruise before applying anything to it. Best way is by washing it with Luke warm water. One can take cotton and dip it in Luke warm water and message it around the bruise will help in healing pain and swelling.


Just the thought of pineapple brings water to your mouth.  Here is an interesting fact about pineapple it cures bruises. By eating pineapple and drinking fresh pineapple juice will help in curing wounds.

Pineapple home remedy for bruise

Easily Available Garlic

Garlic contains unique properties. And one of them is it contains antibiotic properties. By consuming one or two raw garlic cloves can help get rid of bruises very quickly.

garlic home remedy for bruise


Apply vanilla extract to the injury it will help in reducing swelling and also give relief from burning of bruise.

vanilla a home remedy for bruises


Take the inner part of an Onion and apply it your bruise will help in curing it. Avoid it if your bruises are bleeding.

Onion for treating bruises

Mullein Flowers

Take few Mullein flowers and precipitous them in olive oil. Bring the oil to room temperature before applying it to your bruise. The remedy will help in lessening the dark spot and decrease the swelling of bruises.

Mullein Flowers for treating bruise

The Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruits are rich in Vitamin C the help in increasing the elasticity of skin and strengthening of veins and attires. There by consuming fruits rich in citrus help and give a fast relief from bruises. Fruits such as Oranges, apples, finger lime, and so many more are very helpful.

Citrus fruits a home remedy for treating bruises

I hope this article provides best solution to your search query “How To Get Rid Of Bruises Fast With Natural Home Remedies” Stay Healthy, wealthy and Wise Home remedies for bruises Home remedies for bruises Home remedies for bruises


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