How To get Rid of Skin Moles-Home Remedies

This article explicitly take a look at how to get rid of skin moles using natural home remedies.Moles have no effect on one’s health. They are a matter of concern only aesthetic point of view. Majority of people find moles unattractive and ugly. Moles also carry myths with them on the lighter side. Medically they are known as “melanocytic”. They are black, brown or flesh colored spots on your body. Moles appear due the collection of a substance called melanocytes.

Moles start to appear at the between age of 20 to 30. Moles have different shapes they might be flat or raised up like pimple with or without a hair prodding out. Moles can be because of genetic transfer, hormonal changes in a body excessive sun exposure can lead increase in moles appearances and also in there number. People having moles should avoid direct contact with the sun try covering your body. Moles may vanish away with age but this is not compulsory for all.  People often worry that moles may make them look ugly. Instead of applying harmful ointments one should try home remedies.


Home Remedies To Get Rid of Skin Moles:

Before jumping to conclusion and trying the treatment yourself keep in mind the following abnormalities if your mole is changing size or color or its diameter try going to a doctor because there might be a possibility that your mole is cancerous. Do not try treating cancerous moles.

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Garlic Cloves will do it all!!

Garlic posse’s unique properties for curing various diseases and it helps lessen to or break part the assembled pigment producing cells. Garlic also reduces the darkness of moles. Grind the garlic cloves and place them on the mole. After applying the garlic cover it with a bandage overnight. Try doing this for few days. The mole will fall of naturally. This method has proven effective and useful to people suffering from moles. It is must that you clean the mole with disinfectants daily before repeating the process. Protect the surrounding skin by applying petroleum jelly or oil.

Garlic Cloves to get rid of skin moles

Apple Cider Vinegar works Great on Moles

Apple cider is a famous remedy to get rid of moles. Due to its acidic property it helps to remove the layers of mole and make it fall of over the period of time.  By dipping cotton in apple cider vinegar place it on the mole and cover it with a medical tape over night for 10 days.  Mole will scalp of with the passage of time.  Another way is by washing the mole with warm water and applying apple cider vinegar on the mole till it turns white. Leave the vinegar till dries out.  Repeat the process for few days. This may make the mole look bad but will get better. If u observe redness on skin around the mole apply petroleum jelly. If it leaves scare after mole has scalped of apply coconut oil.

moles removal

Moles will go away with Castor Oil

Another home remedy to get rid of moles and warts is by applying castor oil. Castor oil will not leave any scare .Removing mole from skin through applying oil might take some time as it slowly shreds of the skin of the mole. Method to apply castor oil is by mixing the castor oil with pinch of baking soda and rub it against your mole. Leave it on for few hours till dries out. If you do not have baking soda then, use aspirin or only castor oil. Repeat the procedure twice a day to get effective outcome.

how to get rid of skin moles

Famous Remedy for Skin Moles; Flaxseed Oil

Flaxseed oil is popular in removing most the raised moles or popped out moles. When you will apply flaxseed oil it tends to soften the mole making the mole soft and wobbly around the edge so they can come of easily. Make a paste of flax seeds with honey and flaxseed oil and apply it to your moles leave the mixture for one hour thrice a day. Follow the method for few days to get a positive result.

Flaxseed Oil a home remedy for treating mole

How can I Forget??? Granny says “Iodine”

Another effective remedy to get rid of moles is by applying iodine tincture to the mole. Due to it reactive properties it tends to cause natural cell death. Iodine tincture is readily available at medical store. Clean the mole with 5% of iodine to a cotton ball and rub it against the mole. After rubbing the cotton place it over the mole and tape it with help of bandage overnight. Repeat the method for a week. If you are not comfortable with bandage try applying iodine twice or thrice a day. Iodine will remove the mole without the need of scalping but make leave a purplish scare to keep your skin safe from getting damaged apply lotion or petroleum jelly around the mole to keep your skin protected.

get rid of moles

Let’s do it a Fruity Way Pineapple Juice

Pineapple juice is rich in citric acid which helps to reduce the pigmentation of moles. Take fresh pineapple juice and soak cotton ball and rub it against your mole. Let it dry out overnight. Repeat the procedure several times a day for two to three weeks. Try using fresh juice each time you are applying it. This can be done with other citric fruits for example lemon, grapefruit and sour apple.

skin tag removal

Grapefruit Seed Extract

A grapefruit seed extract is contains vitamin E it is a natural way to get rid of moles. Apply the extract to your mole and cover it with a bandage. Repeat the process twice a day for about four weeks. Another way is by mixing grape fruit extract to avocado oil. Leave it on tour mole for 10 to 15 minutes. Try practicing it daily to get a better result.

skin moles

Onion Juice will help you in Getting Rid of Moles

Onion is rich in containing acidic properties. Take fresh onion juice and dip cotton and apply it to your skin. Leave it for 30 minutes and wash it with clean water. Repeat this two or three times a day. To get a positive result keep on repeating for three weeks. Another way is by mixing onion juice to apple cider vinegar and applying it your mole leave it on for overnight or at least for an hour. Continue doing this for a month it makes the mole fade away.

Onion Juice for treating moles naturally

Frankincense will Remove Mole too

Frankincense essential oil, being caustic in nature, helps dry up a mole and remove it layer by layer. To reduce the thickness of frankincense we add eight tea spoons of olive oil and one tea spoon of frankincense oil. Now apply the mixture to your skin by dubbing it against the mole. Do it twice or thrice a day for some weeks. Keep on repeating even when the mole vanishes. Do not apply it if causes irritation or if you have sensitive skin.

Frankincense for treating mole naturally

Soft and Gooey Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera has been used from ages for curing different problems. It is mild and natural cure for moles. It tends to lighten the moles darkness. Squeeze out gel from aloe Vera leaves and apply it over the mole. Cover it with the help of cotton bandage and leave it on for few hours. Try doing it thrice a day to get good and satisfactory result.

Aloe Vera a home remedy for treating moles naturally

I hope this blog will help you in getting rid of moles.  Before performing these remedies make sure your skin is not reactive to strong ingredients like apple cider vinegar, garlic. If the remedy tends worsen your skin stop using it or take medical advice on it. But remember that Girls with mole and dimples are LOVEhome remdies for molehome remdies for molehome remdies for mole


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