How to make money from internet

If you want to generate your income through the Internet, then the best way to do this is to blogging where you express your ideas and earn from it. First, create a blog for this. The best platform for monetizing on AdSense is Blogger where you can easily create a blog۔

step 2

In the second step, you have to sign up for Google AdSense. It is in your interest to provide accurate information as requested during registration. After the booking is completed, your account will not be activated immediately, but your request will be sent to the relevant person or computer program to check if your website is a Google AdSense ad. Whether it’s worth running If your site is complete and adheres to the AdSense Rules, then your application must be accepted. No problem even if the request is unacceptable. You can improve your website and re-apply.

step 3

٭… After receiving the request, you can get the AdSense Advertising Code. Select the size of the ads as per your wishes and website requirement and place them on the website where they stand in front of the visitors and don’t disturb the site. Advertisements are usually placed to the right or next to the website’s banner.

 step 4

٭… Your job is not finished here. Now you have to keep your website updated so that the number of visitors does not decrease. The more traffic that comes to your website, the more likely it is to increase your revenue. There is no problem with advertising your website through Google AdWords if the pocket allows.

Some things to keep in mind

Keep in mind that it takes time to build a website and become a valuable source of revenue from Google AdSense. It can be a few months and a few years. It all depends on your hard work and dedication. Money can’t be piled up in a few days. Also, it is reasonable to expect that thousands of dollars in monthly income will begin. There are website owners who earn thousands of dollars a month on AdSense, but the traffic on their websites is in the millions. This is great if you make a few hundred dollars a day from Google AdSense by removing your website costs.

٭… Money earned from Google AdSense can be requested for $ 100 or more. Google doesn’t send less than a hundred dollars.

This was just Google AdSense, now we tell you another way to earn from the Internet, and this is freelancing.


If you are a web developer, know any programming language, master complete software, speak English well, can type very fast, shoot troubles, understand to account well, write articles or press releases. If you specialize in any work, you can do “freelancing.”

If American and European companies or individuals hiring local people for a job or project have to pay a lot of expenses in addition to their salary, there are many companies with offices that are nominal and cannot afford to hire anyone. In this way, they “outsource” the companies or individuals who work online in cheap countries like Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, China, and the Philippines, while doing so very favorably. That way saves the payer, and the worker gets paid better than the local market.

Developments and changes in the Internet and computers have shaped outsourcing as an industry, and at the moment outsourcing and freelancing have become billions of dollars. A large part of the foreign exchange earnings in the software industry in India and the Philippines comes from outsourced work.

Whether IBM or Intel, Dell or General Electric, all prefer outsourcing rather than having a permanent employee to reduce their costs. It is also worth mentioning here that most of the software houses operating in Pakistan are outsourced.

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