Naturally Lose Belly Fat Fast and How to get a Flat Tummy

If you so desire, you can lose belly fat fast and get a flat stomach naturally.

The guys don’t like it on the ladies neither does the ladies like it on the guys, so you see; belly fats are a big deal because they don’t just pose a threat to our health alone but also to our self-esteem.

Subcutaneous fat and Visceral fat are the types of fat the makes up the lower belly fat.

Visceral fat packed around the internal organs, and also lies deep inside the abdomen. It pushes out on the subcutaneous fat, which is just under the skin around your torso, hips, thighs and arms.

Visceral fat poses more threat because it secretes hormones and compounds that raise risk to our health, such as cancers, heart disease and diabetes.

Visceral fat is metabolically active and lies within the lower belly which allows it to break down more quickly to enter the blood stream faster and restocks very quickly. However, it breaks down quickly which makes it easier to lose the belly fat when placed under exercise interventions and diet.

Howbeit, if you find yourself in the belly fat ship, then stick around while I take you on a cruise to safer grounds of naturally flat stomach

A lot of factors have been found to be responsible for body fat; they include gender, age, and eating habits. Adopting a change in diet, a better sleep schedule and more exercises could help exterminate this fat.

Below are some of the reasons you don’t have a flat stomach naturally  and your belly has refused to fit into that pretty shirt or top.

Reasons You are Not Losing Belly Fat


Yes,you heard right STRESS. These days,many of us live under chronic stress. However, our bodies can’t tell the difference between the different types of stress we get from the various actions we carry out as well as go through in a day.

From being stuck in traffic for hours, work pressure and life-threatening stress. That’s why our body still gears up to the challenge and react exactly the same as it’s always done.

After a stressful event, cortisol levels in the blood often remain high for a while, increasing your appetite. Your body thinks you should refuel after experiencing so much stress. One of the regular feelings for someone with a stressful lifestyle is hunger.

There is a mental signal that’s translated into an urge to eat (especially carbohydrates) and store up on energy foods so they crave carbohydrates and fats. If the carbohydrate is not burnt-out, the fat and glucose in your system get deposited as fat around your middle. Why? Fat targets our belly because it’s close to the liver, where it can quickly be converted back into energy if required.



As one ages, belly fat tends to accumulate hence terms such as  “middle-age spread.”, “pot belly” and “big stomach”.  Muscle mass is lost naturally as one ages, and excess calories are more easily stored as fat especially in the belly.


Changes In Hormonal Level

Women tend to develop belly fats during their child-bearing years, they tend to gain fat in their hips, thighs and buttocks to supply a reserve of energy during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

As their levels of Estrogen drop during menopause, fat moves over to the belly more. While men has always had more tendency to develop belly fat than women, but there’s no known physiological reason why except the drastic reduction in levels testosterone in men after age 40, which in turn shoots up belly fat gain.

Hormonal changes also make belly fat develop.


Choice of Diet

Although the food you eat daily is of great importance, belly fat can be developed at any age. In 2009 an investigative study showed that consuming a significant amount of 25 percent of calories over just 10 weeks of drinks sweetened with fructose, including soda and fruit juices, increases the development of visceral fat.

Other sugary foods can be blamed as well. Reduce your intake of chocolates, sweets and soda (minerals). Processed and baked foods also causes belly fats to develop. Refined grains and eating a lot of junks leads to the development of this lower belly fat. Over-consuming saturated fats causes the belly to swell.

These fats are found primarily in animal products, such as fatty cuts of meat and full-fat dairy. Replace them with polyunsaturated fats in nuts and seeds, avocado, salmon.


Your Lifestyle Matters

If you aren’t burning the calories you consume, the excess accumulates in your belly. Getting more active, such as working up to 150 minutes or longer is one very helpful thing to do. Moderate intensity cardiovascular activity per week helps. You’ll also benefit from being active all day long with small movements such as fidgeting and pacing. Belly fat also reveals poor sleep habits.

Researchers from Wake Forest University School of Medicine examined five years of sleep habits and visceral fat accumulation in adults younger than 40 they found that those who slept less than six hours per night or more than nine hours, on average, had higher amounts of belly fat. Their result published in 2010, suggests that getting a good night’s sleep helps can help deter the development of lower belly fat.

Having known some of the causes, you might have fallen short of some but don’t let it bother you as I reveal to your rules on how to lose belly fat fast.


Ten (10) Imperative Diet Tips for Losing Belly Fat Fast

The popular saying too much of everything is bad is to be employed. Our diets are usually filled with different delicacies, and in some cultures, eating a large feast is equivalent to good living, but how wrong we are. Inasmuch as we should eat well let’s not eat too much. Don’t eat everyday like it’s a feast, neither should you eat like there is a famine, employ moderation.

eating too much


Eat regularly. It helps to keep the blood sugar levels and energy levels stable. Don’t miss breakfast (especially breakfast), lunch and dinner plus a mid-morning snack and one mid-afternoon. Try as much as possible to not eat foods like carbohydrate after 6pm. This will reduce those cravings for sugar and everything made from sugar and with sugar (not the sugar you add to your coffee, am talking about carbohydrate).

regular eating


Avoid foods that make your blood sugar rise quickly, because as your blood sugar drops again your body releases adrenaline and cortisol to stabilise it once more. So sugar and carbohydrate food should be cut down.


Protein should be added to every meal because it helps to slow down the rate in which the stomach processes food and delays the passage of the carbohydrates with it. It could be Animal protein or Vegetables, but as soon as there’s a balanced addition of protein to a carbohydrate in the body, there’s a change into a slower release of carbohydrate that keeps your sugar levels really suppressed.

protein healthy foods


Essential fats should be eaten because long term dependency on low fat products might not just mean that less saturated fat is consumed, it might also that you are deficiency in the consumption of good fats and ultimately, fatty acids that are essential for the body, found in seeds nuts and oily fish.

The most important reason why you should not forget to add them in your diet is because they boost your metabolism rate.

healthy fats



Don’t eat while busy or while doing something that requires your complete attention. Such action informs your body that there isn’t enough time, that you are under pressure and stressed. Furthermore, your digestive system will be less efficient. So before eating be sure to sit down properly to eat your food as calmly, as possible.

busy eating


Watch what you drink. All caffeine and sugary drinks should significantly be cut out and alcohol intake should be lowered (abstain completely if you can). If you can’t live without your hot coffee, make sure you don’t drink it on an empty stomach as it gets straight into the bloodstream and triggers cortisol release.


Add magnesium to your meals helps to calm the adrenaline glands and also helps to balance blood sugar by contributing to the production and action of insulin. Eat more vegetables and nuts in order to increase magnesium in your body.

magnesium foods


If you have fat around the middle of your body, exercise MUST become one of your priorities. By simply making time for exercise in your life, you can control the potentially damaging fat developing in your body.


Since the imperative rules for sending that belly fat packing has been revealed, how about a little knowledge on how to avoid them altogether. Below are a few pointers.

  • Exercise.
  • Get enough sleep
  • When stressed, go seek out a friend to gist with.
  • Practice yoga.
  • Eat balanced diets.

You can actually get a flat stomach naturally and belly fats can be dealt with and better still avoided by adopting the various methods talked about.

The ball is in your court. Remember health is wealth and that an absence of belly fats commiserates to a better self-esteem.

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