10 Best Natural Morning Mood Enhancers and Boosters Tips

Are you wondering if you really need mood enhancers, morning mood boosters, or  mood boosting foods?

Here are some quick questions to get us started.

Have you ever woken up feeling at loss with the world?

Have you ever woken up feeling like your enthusiasm was ripped off you as you slept?

Have you ever woken up feeling like you needed nobody and wished you could wave a wand for everybody to disappear just so no one will disturb you?

Do you normally go from very cheerful one minute to snappy or dull the next minute?

Have your family and friends accused you of suffering mood swings?

If your mind gave a yes to most of my questions then be rest assured that you are not alone in your struggle.

Infact, research has it that 60 percent of the human population also go through the same experience, and if you do the math it translates to billions of individuals, so remember I told you it’s not just you.

Psychology has attributed mood swings to temperaments with the melancholics placed ahead of the sanguines, cholerics and phlegmatics. This is true for a fact because I know a lot of melancholics who switch from very high to very low and then back to high in a matter of days but regardless of our temperaments our mood is a function of our mind which affects not just our mental health but also our physical health in general.

Going through the day with a bad mood will have people asking you if you woke up on the wrong side of the bed and believe it or not that old saying that says if you are late to school on Monday you will be late throughout the week is applicable to our moods because waking up with a sour mood keeps you that way throughout the rest of the day preventing you from reaching your goals for the day be it in the office, school, market place or even at home.

Since the morning is the major determinant, below are list of things to do to help you boost your mood in the morning. However, even if your mood got soured in the afternoon or evening following a bad news or event, these activities can be employed anytime.

Top Natural Mood Enhancing Tips

mood enhancers

Consider the Bright Side of Every Situation

When you wake up don’t roll over and begin to ponder on all the work you need to get done, all the troubles you are yet to resolve, all the targets you need to meet or on all the people depending on you.

But rather wake up with a positive attitude, with an appreciative heart for family, friends, health, job and provision to feed.

“How you frame something can change everything,” says life coach and Health magazine columnist M. J. Ryan. As such its better to look on the bright side of every situation and don’t entertain any negative thought within because your view of the day goes a long way to affect the day.

If you are religious pray for the day, if you start on a positive note your day has a better chance of continuing in the same vein. Positive attitude is one of the natural mood enhancers, start each day positively.


Stretch to Boost your Mood

Tai-chi or Yoga are relaxing ways to start your day. They work on the mind and body. So as well as promoting physical health, they also help you achieve an inner mental balance.

For those of us who creak our way out of bed, a few yoga poses are a lovely way to unfurl the body and dispel the morning grumps says Yoga teacher Eva Paoli.

“Yoga lengthens and strengthens tight, weak muscles, eases aching back, neck and shoulders and gets the synovial fluid flowing which lubricates your joints. Yoga can also be used as preparation for meditation which can help preserve your inner calm through a busy day.

However, in case you are oblivious to what Tai-chi and Yoga moves are all about, YouTube is a good teacher.


Exercise to Get off the Bad Mood

exercise boost mood

A whole lot of people in the world are yet to comprehend the immense benefits gotten from exercising.

If you have to force yourself to go for a run or hit the gym then do it because exercise is one of the most effective natural mood enhancers to engage in. When you exercise,  your body releases endorphins and other feel-good chemicals to your brain.

Research has proven that exercise can help people recover from depression and prevent people from becoming depressed in the first place.

Also regular exercise can make you feel happier about how you look and make you feel better about your body.


Admiring Nature is a Natural Mood Enhancer

Being a great lover of nature, I derive contentment and calmness from watching the sky closely and beautiful gardens while another person might not even care about that.

Howbeit, taking a little time to admire nature puts your mood in admirable spirits. When you feel choked up with work instead of snapping out at someone try the nature dose.

Take a walk, look at nature, admire the mundane things of life, admire the hustle and bustle, and admire life.


Eating a Good Breakfast is Great Morning Mood Booster

Eat your way to a happy day! Try starting your morning with a nutritious mix of complex carbohydrates and proteins that will last you until lunch not with heavy traditional dishes that will leave you feeling heavy throughout the day. We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

However, it is also proven that people who eat breakfast have a lower incidence of obesity, but they may also be happier, says British Dietetic Association spokesperson, Jennifer Low. She says: “Breakfast tends to contain carbohydrates which can increase serotonin, the happy chemical, in the brain.

Listen to music Whenever You Need a Mood Boost

music mood enhancer

When feeling down music is a great companion. Music has the power to improve our moods. You know what it’s like when you hear a favourite song; it can transform your mood or take you back to a good memory.

Research by neuroscientist, Dr Jack Lewis, suggests that songs with a high-pitched tone, a fast pace and a predictable melody make us the most happy. The study suggests that hits by Prince, Bob Marley and The Beach Boys are good mood boosters.

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