Social media doesn’t provide any big business opportunity (an interview of the entrepreneur) 2

. We have a culture that when you tell your parents or an Uncle about a new business idea, they immediately reject it, even if they don’t understand the business. When the doctor discouraged me, I became rebellious and thought that I would show him the success, and I did.

Tariq Farid takes pride in calling himself a Pakistani businessman. “We have grown up in a society where people face psychological challenges and obstacles,” he says. My business leaders have taught me how to take advantage of opportunities and reduce risk. As you get opportunities, you will start to know about risk. You will consider the flaws and the dark aspects of your idea. Tariq Farid says the world is full of opportunities. If anyone wants to do research, the world is at its fingertips. When you want to know how a brand is perceived, they may have many problems at first, but they continue to work. He says that there are many opportunities for entrepreneurs in Pakistan. Pakistan is the sixth most populous country in the world, and its young people are very talented. “We have to think what we can do because we have China on one side and India on the other,” he said. If you want inspiration, look to Dubai. There is no barrier to doing business. I think that people should do business which will generate a lot of people, many brands will be created. ۔, I refuse to say this because Facebook will boycott me. But I think the people of Pakistan should think about how they can better utilize their time.

It is a successful strategy to be more concerned about applause than complaining. He says that I always tell people about definitions rather than complaints. People should pay close attention to their business. They should give it full time. Your one minute is invested. You should see that the brand is getting more and more popular, your customers are growing, your product is being liked, and you are making money from it. If you do not do this, you are wasting your valuable time. Time is the most precious thing for Tariq Farid, compared to that it is easy to make money. They say that if I want to reward myself, I value my time. I just put all my energy into creating a brand.

Tariq Farid believes that every company and business should start marketing, customer service, and brand planning right from its inception. When you do this, you are improving society, and in turn, the organization improves your business. So the nation goes hand-in-hand with you. Along with business, generosity is important, and even those who are not Muslims show generosity, so Allah blesses them. You may have heard the examples of Bill Gate and Milinda Gate’s generosity. This is the law of nature. The more generous you are, the more God will provide you. We have built a hospital in Pakistan where we care for four sick patients; we give medicines to them; they provide ultrasound, there is some lab work. Is also done. Our average cost per patient is $ 1.

“We believe his company can make a lot of money from Pakistan,” he said. But at one time, the company could not provide the experience it had acquired from the US and other markets. We review it every year and will one day introduce it to the Pakistani market. Here are our roots. We will do anything but wait for the right time.

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