Social media doesn’t provide any big business opportunity (an interview of the entrepreneur)

Tariq Farid is a well-known Pakistani-American businessman of the time. He is the founder and CEO of Edible Arrangement International. He is the founder and world-class entrepreneur of high quality and artistically designed fresh fruit. He started an Idea business in 1999 and now owns only 600 stores in the United States, and has more than 1,200 stores worldwide, with $ 600 million in annual sales. Tariq Farid has also set up a software house Net Solace this year that provides the best technology solutions for the franchise industry. Tariq Farid recently visited Plan Nine, Pakistan’s largest technology incubator. In one of his interviews, he gave us valuable tips for young people in business in Pakistan and around the world.

When was Tariq asked what is the most important thing for a startup like funding, mentorship, or incubation? So he replied, “I think the importance of these three is by some degree. Incubation brings maturity to people’s thoughts. They need to trust their ideas to become number one, that they can transform their design, product, or brand into a reality. They are introducing their products, which is a way to get ahead. So not only are you helping them promote the product, but also preparing them for funding your product. Funding is also significant, he said. The best outcome is readily available for financing and funding is available to every business person but the way to get it should be reasonable. Take advantage of the opportunities you have, work positively, and do not think negatively.

When asked about Plan Nine, he said that it was impressive but wanted to get more people here. A desk of four people in Palin Nine is providing jobs to hundreds of people. And these people are not workers, but people belonging to the IT sector and business. Tariq says that it is essential to start a business while the concept of branding of this brand is fundamental. A lot of things come into the market, it is based on manufacturing, systems are built, people are trained, and the brand is introduced. As I saw in Plan 9, they were creating products, not brands. The brand is what we like to say about this branded product. We are accustomed to the brand we buy.

Tariq says he has always wanted to build a large chain of flower shops but wanted the consistency, so for that, I decorated the flowers and presented them to friends. It was a good idea. Is. My dad sent a friend to my doctor to check on my shop. The first question he asked was: Has anyone done this before? I said no, but if the big companies are not doing this, how do you think you will succeed? Will succeed. Tariq says that my mother’s words were enough for me. She was educated until the fifth when she came to the United States, but here she resumed her education at the age of forty. She says that what you miss out on if you get the chance, do it. My mom always says, don’t run behind because money runs too fast. Always do the right thing; the money will automatically run after you. And doing the right thing means taking care of your customer.

You know, like McDonald’s, Duncan Donuts is a well-known name. These companies are open-minded if you go to them and say that I’m introducing a brand and I need guidance. These companies help you. He praised the Americans and said that if you ask them for help, they help heartily.

Tariq Farid believes that guidance is essential for us in Pakistan because we do not have the culture of introducing new things to the business. However, the businessman needs encouragement, so you need to talk to your parents that I have spoken to the person, and they think this is a good idea

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