What is marketing mix and how it works

The product should be one that meets the customer’s basic needs

Business is essential for success, whether small or large. The main focus of marketing is customer satisfaction and product quality.

Is. The methodology used to achieve these goals is called “marketing mix” in the marketing language. The Marketing Mix consists of 4 essential components, called Four P’s. In the marketing mix, these four ingredients are combined so that the “product” can achieve the desired results in the target market. The four essential components are:

  • product
  • Place
  • Promotions
  • Price

“Customer” does not fall into the marketing tools, as all the tools of the customer marketing mix are targeted. All marketing tools revolve around the customer. That’s why modern marketing is the idea that the customer is king. Below is a brief introduction to 4P’s in Reader’s Service:

  • Product

This includes both Goods and Services. The product should be one that meets the specific needs of the customer. This should consist of choosing the best for the target market.

Islamic Instructions on the Product: In addition to the professional information, if the businessman also takes care of Islamic instructions, all day long business will become worship In this regard, Islam has also given some guidelines, which are briefly mentioned:

AD Object (Product): The product is called the Object in Sharia language. The seller must own the product. According to the law of Islam, the purchase and sale of something not owned by the seller are not valid.

Adjacent goods are equivalent to the products or goods which have value. It should be pure, lawful, and lawful. Therefore, the dead, blood, and alcohol cannot be called the product of Islamic trade.

Existence of existence: That is, something you do not have, you should avoid buying and selling it. Sometimes it happens that the shopkeeper does not have the item, but he or she submits the rates to the customer. Attribute: It is also necessary to describe it so that any dispute can be avoided.

  • Place

This means that the target of the product is to be available in the market. If the product is not available at the customer’s desired location, the product is useless. No matter how good it may be, it will fail to gain market share. Distribution channels are used to meet customer needs in the target market. Distribution Channel is the name of a series of products from a manufacturer to a consumer. This channel system is sometimes too short and reaches the customer directly. This is usually the case in Services. Sometimes there are several reasons for the product to reach the actual customer, for example wholesalers, franchisors, and retailers. If a marketing manager has many different target markets, then it has to use different distribution channels as well. This distribution channel system also comes under the space plan.

  • Promotions

This means sending your product information, benefits, and features to the target customer. The development includes tools like Personal Sailing, Advertising, Sales Promotion, and more. Now marketers plan to use these tools individually and collectively in the face of customer and product and try to get desired results.

  • Price

Determining the right product, location, and promotion also depend on the correct pricing. This can help determine the value of marketing. There are two things to keep in mind when determining price: 1 Types of Competition in the Target Market

 Cost of the entire marketing mix

Besides, it is essential to keep in mind the buyer’s impressions, pricing markups, discounts, and other sales promotional tools, as all your efforts will be discouraged if the customer is not satisfied with the price you set. And the product will fail .

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